Having trained in London and currently working in London, Essex, Cambridge and Hertfordshire borders I come across individuals from many contexts with varying needs. I have over ten years’ experience, including working with clients (adults and young people aged 11+) in various organisations, such as the NHS, independent practice, charitable and corporate sectors. 

I help my clients achieve their short-term immediate goals by identifying and overcoming obstacles whilst improving and maintaining their well being. I also work with developing longer term issues and goals and work on how to explore and/or achieve these. I endeavor to provide my clients with the tools they need to continue with what we have achieved in our sessions to ensure long term maintenance and change. I strongly believe that early intervention is key to avoid escalation of symptoms and concerns which could otherwise compromise one's well being and functioning in their day-to-day living and quality of life. I also work regularly with crisis and risk management and advise safeguarding teams in various contexts in which I work.

I promote a biopsychosocial approach in my work in order to provide holistic support with lasting impact of the intervention. I work using various approaches in therapy, some of which include:

  • Solution Focused;
  • Cognitive Behavioural; 
  • Person-Centered; and 
  • Psychodynamic therapy. 

I provide various interventions; these may include:

  • Therapy;
  • Counselling;
  • Psycheducation; and
  • Group work.

Evidence based practice, practice based evidence and reflective practice is central to my practice as an Applied psychologist. Moreover, I ultimately tailor my clinical practice to the needs and context of my client.