Services for businesses



I provide a number of psychological services to businesses and their employees. These include:

  • Individual therapy, including employee assistance (number of sessions to be agreed with employer organisation, usually 3-8)
  • Reflective practice groups for educational, social care, therapeutic and residential care staff (usually fortnightly with a maximum of six individuals per group)
  • Clinical supervision for therapeutic and psychological professionals (individual or group with a maximum of three per group)
  • Training workshops
  • Individual behavioral management and / or support plans



Who can make a referral?

A referral can be made by contacting me by email or phone. The following people can make a referral:

  • Employer
  • Teaching professional
  • Health and care professional (your GP, psychiatrist, occupational health physician, social worker or other health and care professional)

Types of referrals

Informal referral: This is a referral where the organisation l has requested that the individual see me. The informal referral form* can be completed so that I can make first contact. The person making the referral would not receive any feedback on attendance or content of the work.

Formal referral: This is a referral where the organisation requires an individual to engage in support offered. The referrer is required to gain the individual's written consent on the formal referral form*. With a formal referral the employer would receive information regarding the employee's attendance to the support offered but not the content of the session.

Self-referral: An organisation can give my details to the individual who requires support so that they are able to make contact and arrange an appointment. The person making the referral would not receive any feedback on attendance or content of the work.

* Please email me to obtain a formal or informal referral form



Usually half-day workshops are recommended. Some of the workshops that can be delivered include:

  • Supporting those who have vulnerable and challenging behaviour. Promoting and maintaining change.
  • Understanding and working with those on the autism spectrum
  • Understanding attachment
  • Developing and promoting resistance in looked-after children and young people

Companies are encouraged to provide a brief on what they would like a workshop to entail and submit it to me for a proposal.